First Post.


I was/am unsure of how to begin this post, considering it is my first blog post. EVER!

I guess I could have spent hours drafting something profound, genius or witty, telling you why I have decided to begin this venture and reassuring you that reading this blog will in someway change your life.

I use the word ‘you’, imagining that someone is reading this – after all what are the chances of someone stumbling upon this haphazard sequence of words when there are far more (and probably much more interesting) blogs out there?

Well, let’s pretned then at least, that on the off chance, someone has found this. If so, hi. Again.

Anyway, as I was saying, perhaps I should have began this post with some startling yet wise statement that makes you want to reach for a notepad and scrawl it across the paper, so that it can stay in your head forever and be used in the future to impress a fellow intellectual. If that is what you were hoping for, then sorry to disappoint.

At this moment in time, I am still uncertain of what will be written/posted on here. Who knows? Quotes from some of my favourite novels, musings about the meaning of human existence or even pictures of fluffy animals (although preferably not cats since they somehow make me extremely uncomfortable – sorry cat-lovers). Either way, why not stick around? Spend a few more seconds of your time reading this blog, smiling, laughing and most probably cringing, at whatever nonsense I will try to reassure myself is worthy of mentioning to the little audience I hope to achieve on this platform.

If you are still reading and haven’t yet decided to close the tab, then I’d like to say, congratulations! You are possibly my first, and possibly my only, ‘reader’! Welcome to the blog!!

So, there it is, my first blog post. If by some bizarre reason you care to know a little more about the things I have to say, then please¬†comment/subscribe/share or whatever you’re supposed to do on this (I’m still new so I apologise) and I hope to hear from you.

Speak soon,



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